Hello World

Well here I am.

I am showing myself to the world at large. I am a bit weirded out by this to be honest. I am not good at self promotion and I find the idea that anyone can find me a little uncomfortable and unsettling.

However in order to promote myself as a counsellor I am having to process these feelings and recognise where they come from. I also need to overcome them.

If I am honest there is a fear of putting myself out here, opening myself up to the world and being vurnerable.

And yet, here I am.

So what does it mean to do put yourself into a position where you are outside of your comfort zone?

A lot of people say it is where growth happens and that can be true. I have sat with a clients discomfort in a session and we have used this sense of discomfort, revisiting this when the client was ready, to help the client grow and develop their sense of self.

I recognised that the client was being very brave, even within the safety of the counselling relationship, and taking a chance by being vurnerable with me.

It's a risk to try something new, it's a risk to put yourself out there and sometimes it's a risk to face your fears.

But sometimes what you want, whatever that is, is on the other side of that fear.

So here I am. Facing my fears and ready to help you face yours.

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